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A New Beginning

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

In April, 2018 - We decided to sell our gorgeous home in a neighborhood....and embark on a journey together. Even our children had a say in our move which made it that much more fun. Sometimes you must just take a risk. So - we went from a little over an acre to 25 acres - an 8 stall horse barn and paddocks ready for just about any kind of animal. Did we have horses? Nope. Goats? Nope. Chickens? Nope.

Fast forward a few months later and - Do we have a horse? Yes. Do we have goats? Yes. Do we have chickens? Yes. A pig? Yes!

We’ve learned lots - we’ve gotten dirty and are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. We’ve enjoyed kicking the kids off of the devices and getting them boots to play in the creek. We’ve had all of our mowers break - water in the basement and pine-sawyer beetles (good-gosh they are loud) eat our benches - but we are living, we are learning and we are loving.

The chickens are just now making some delicious eggs. Our goats are starting to behave themselves and we’re getting the hang of this farming thing.

We are blessed and thankful for all of the fun which is Fischer Farm. We welcome you to join us!

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