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Reflecting on 2021 at Fischer Farm

For all of us, we've lived and loved as best we can during 2021. The ups and downs of the pandemic on small business is not to be taken lightly. This year, we switched our business model - having not only goat yoga sessions but adding farm tours, boarding animals and goat walks. As a small family owned business, we are grateful for all that was 2021.

We hatched baby ducks and chickens at the beginning of the year. Battled with losing friends but also enjoyed new life happening at the farm.

We are not only farmers, we are lovers of all things outside and nature. Especially, we are thankful for our clients. For those that traveled far and near for a yoga session...we appreciate you. For those who came an hour early to their class to just chat...we appreciate you.

This year we tried to help others as much as we could. By getting people outside - safely distanced, sometimes in masks if needed. We also did virtual farm sessions with a nursing home and a preschool to tell both the young and the old about farm life and what it takes to run a farm.

If you ask me as a farmer....what I think about the pandemic. I think it has grounded me. It makes me question rushing, question relationships, friendships and life. I ponder how I can help others while remaining true to myself. I try to create joy in all things family and farm while keeping my guests safe at the same time keeping sane myself. I will say, these animals are always there to make me smile, make you smile and keep us all grateful in our hearts.

As the pandemic continues on....we're busy planning for a new year, with hopeful hearts and soon to be new life again. We have enjoyed meeting you, getting to know you and hearing from you after you leave.

There is no joy better than seeing you have fun on the farm. Seeing you laugh with our animals after two years of just plain weird. Thank you for following along with us on social media to see what we're up to....which is usually something crazy. From old blind pigs, a new blind goat struck by lightning, hatching 5 roosters and celebrating baby're there for us and we thank you.

We're busy boarding goats, pigs and horses for the winter and will return in the Spring with more tours, more sessions and animals and people to fill your heart with joy. Thank you for being part of the Fischer Farm family through a pandemic, through it all we are grateful.

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