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In Presence to Pause

Sacrifice. It's a word that all of us farmers know. Some say that true love requires some sort of sacrifice. It's giving up something that is important to you for the sake of something else. Farmers work tirelessly, day in and day out and sacrifice their bodies, souls and minds for their land and animals. Farmers and parents are the same. As parents, we give up things from a deep love within our souls. As we get older and our children get older, we are constantly reminding ourselves to be present and to pause. Time is so precious and in those moments, we must pause. Pause the rush, pause the crazy, pause the moments.

We started yoga, animal boarding and farming in 2018. We've lived through some insane times...doing yoga in masks during Covid...snow storms in the middle of kidding season and more. We've traveled with goats and brought you to our farm. We've loved you, shared with you and have made you part of our family.

For now, we plan to pause. We're going to pause our yoga to focus on our family as they grow and are about to leave the roost. Instead of working on weekends this Spring, we'll be spending time as a family and less time mowing, weeding and driveway fixing.

We'll still share our farm with you...share our animals, our babies and love...but just need to sacrifice in different ways for our true loves....the kids. We've got one about to leave for college and another working hard for soccer dreams and until they reach those goals, we must pause. We love you and love all of the support that you have shown our farm these past five years.

We hope that you will wait for our return and until then, enjoy us from afar. We will still be sharing photos, offering occasional weekday farm visits, selling eggs, boarding horses and goats. If you'd like to purchase shirts and tanks - they are available in our online store as well.

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