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Adorable Animal Tales

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

- Anatole France

Our family has been very strict about Covid since March of 2020. Only outside visits, no vacations, no haircuts, nothing. I'm still wiping groceries even though I don't need to do that. Throughout this pandemic, we have bonded as a family and with our animals. We wanted to share a few amazing things with you that we have experienced lately on our farm.

Pigs: Did you know that pigs absolutely hate to be cold? Poppy and Piggie argue every single night over blankets and we go tuck them in every single night like little pig burritos.

Goats: Shaun White wasn't feeling so well recently. It was amazing to see how is brothers went over to him to nudge him to get up. They pushed him and used their heads to move him along, to make him feel better. They sensed that he wasn't well and encouraged him to come with the rest of the herd.

When Popcorn had Hopper, she would stand straight up at the barn putting her front hooves on the barn posts to show Hopper where to drink. It was so funny to see her - she was like "look guy, here it is.....right here! Drink up!"

Chickens and Ducks: When eggs are hatching....the first one out will lay next to the next egg that is due to hatch and chirp and chirp and chirp to encourage the next chicken and duck to come out! They know which eggs have a pip (hole pecked through the eggshell) and roll them around trying to wake them up and get them to hatch!

Cat: Our barn cat loves baby goats. He is their ultimate protector. At first he is jealous but then after that, once we introduce the babies to the rest of the goats....the cat spends days and days in the goat paddock with them watching over the baby. It's quite hilarious to see a bunch of goats running around and a random cat sitting in the goat house.

Farming in a pandemic has been the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced. We post videos and photos in hopes that it brings you some joy until you get visit with us safely. Animals truly are amazing. Enjoy the simple things.

Today is groundhog day....lately it seems like every single day is groundhog day. May we all enjoy the small things, the simple things, the quiet, the loud.....and the animals. Sending you peace and joy from Fischer Farm.

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