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Spring 2021 - A Season of Smiles

What can we say....our Spring season of goat yoga was an absolute blast. For all of 2020 we waited on the pandemic to end, fearful of spreading Covid among our guests, to our animals and family. We opened with grateful hearts in the Spring and not even once did we have to cancel because of weather.

We decided to change our program as well. Instead of doing yoga in the field, we moved to the barn where we always have cover to protect us from the elements. This helped during a few sessions when either it was too hot or rain was in the forecast.

We have the best customers and as each class came and went, our guests arrived earlier and earlier. I can only imagine, it's because people needed fresh air, happy vibes, adorable animals and kind hearts. People visited locally but we have had tons of visitors from Richmond, DC, Fredericksburg, Southern Virginia and more. So many happy people, loving our goats.

With so much time to reflect in 2020, you realize the importance of nature, taking time for yourself and a love for animals. Every guest this Spring respected our Covid rules, the space of others and kept our family and animals safe. We couldn't be more thankful for our goat yoga family.

This Spring we also not only moved to the barn area for yoga, but we also started doing farm tours. From almost 2 year old visitors, to teenagers needing to get away....we helped get smiles back on those kid's faces. Petting a soft horse nose, feeding crazy goats treats through the fence and even giving Poppy and Piggie applesauces and cut up bananas on's been amazing.

We've met some new neighbors, made some new friends and have had lots of calls from previous visitors wanting to return. 2020 was a hard year for small business and we are so thankful for your support in 2021. We love to see smiling faces and to teach children about animals as we tour the farm together.

This Spring we also added two new goats to our herd. Pearl and Mearl. They are larger goats but as babies were a hit for sure. The majority of our goats are nigerian dwarf goats and they are nubian and are big babies falling asleep everywhere.

We'll never forget 2020 and how life just stopped. Our business stopped, our children were home, our goats were still being born but everything was on hold. We worked hard on our own, creating a safe space for animals, guests and our family. In 2021, we have seen love return again and a spark return into our children's eyes and in our feel somewhat normal again. Someday we'll look back on photos with masks and goats and wonder how we got through it all. You know how? Because we did it together, respected each other and enjoyed being slower, more present and with a more grateful heart.

As the 90 degree temps arrive, we'll take a summer snooze and be back in the fall with more sessions, more smiles, goats, pigs and whatever else we can think of to make you smile. Thank you for all of your support and love.

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