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Social Isolation and Self Reflection

We have spent 8 months preparing for our Spring season of goat yoga. Managed to have the cutest baby goats just in time for snuggles and yoga. We've fenced in the barn area for small classes or children visits and are ready to share our farm with everyone. We've got night classes, day classes, parties and events booked. We've got the photo booth ready, the driveway and bridge started....but now it's all at a stand-still.

Our kids worked for months to make their soccer teams. Five to seven days a week working out to achieve their goals and it happened! Then when they get home - they are at the barn working with the goats for our other side job helping around the farm.

As a mother, I constantly am amazed at how fast time flies and how fast my children grow. As a farmer, I am amazed at the different personalities of the 20 animals that we have living on the farm. Every single one is unique and different and they too, grow so fast.

As we talked to our children last night, we discussed the COVID-19 virus and what self isolation and social distancing truly means and yes, while it's good for us all.

I paused and thought as we were talking.....that this could be the last time ever (hopefully) that we have this much family time together. Sure, we have weekends after soccer, and dinner together and time after they see friends but it's so busy and so rushed. Now we have our life, just paused for a bit. Now we have nothing....we have time standing still to really be together, like when they were little.

Soon we'll be back to goat yoga, back to sports seven days a week, back to school and back to in-office working. For now, it's time to sit back and talk to your games and do projects that you've been wanting to do. Just snuggle and laugh....they grow so fast and life is so precious. I've asked my children to journal about this insane time in their lives....they will never forget it!

As a farmer, I'm always hugging my animals. As a friend I'm always touching and hugging my friends. I won't stop that when this is over and I look forward to hugging you all again soon. I miss our farm friends visiting and our amazing customers. We'll all be together again. However, while life is paused...I'm going to enjoy these ever changing animals and kids...because life moves way too fast and my calendar is always way too full.

Sending you virtual hugs, virtual goat snuggles and very positive energy your way!

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