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Farming Ain't Easy

Have you ever fallen in mud, after work because the rain just hasn't stopped? Have you ever had a pig chase you down a hill? What about goats eating your pony-tail? Have you ever been mowing and the wheel just falls off WHILE you're driving? How about your farm dog brings in a LIVE possum into your daughters room in the middle of the night? These are all things that go on at the farm.

Is it worth all of the hard work? Feeding animals in the rain? Losing chickens to a mean fox? Mowing grass with snakes and ticks and weeds?

The answer is yes. Being in nature, eating honeysuckle and teaching my kids a true love for animals. Being outside with your animals who run to you as soon as they see you. Putting your feet up after a long day and seeing all of the beauty that surrounds you. It's a blessing, a true gift.

We want to share with you, bring you to our farm for a fire....some music, some goats and some relaxation. Thank you for supporting Fischer Farm.

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